Sometimes you need more than the basics! That’s why PMR Healthcare proudly offers additional services such as custom drug and alcohol testing programs or specialty care to meet all your healthcare program needs. PMR’s additional supplemental services can include virtually anything- we pride ourselves on our ability to find innovative cost-saving solutions for our clients based on their claims data.

In the open market, these services would be offered by third-party vendors outside of the primary care clinic- typically for a steep price, and potentially lower-quality care. Your employees are likely to lose work time travelling or forgo medical care altogether. However, when you choose to add supplemental services to your existing PMR Onsite Clinic, they are all provided onsite, in one place. Talk about convenient! This convenience has a positive effect for both you and your employees.

PMR works with you to determine which supplemental services will best benefit your company, and tailors them to fit your exact needs. Supplemental Services can be provided in any established PMR Clinic.