International Clinics

PMR Healthcare provides your employees with exceptional medical treatment around the globe.

PMR Healthcare’s International Clinics are designed with the highest quality healthcare in mind to meet the diverse needs of the individuals who are treated in them. Climate, language, economy, and local health issues vary from region to region and country to country, but PMR Healthcare’s International Clinics provide the same high standard of medical services wherever they are located. International Clinics treat employees and their families immediately, ensure cases are followed up, and provide a skilled medical staff 365 days a year on a schedule that works for you.

PMR Onsite International Clinics ensure that your employees rarely need to visit an outside doctor or emergency room. This reduces lost work time and the potential need for expensive medical evacuation. If an injured employee requires hospitalization or recuperation time, PMR manages their care by working with medical staff and the employee to ensure appropriate treatment and follow-up appointments. The result? A timely return to work.

PMR Onsite International Clinics can include:

  • Qualified and specially trained medical staff, including physicians, physician’s assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, medical assistants, etc.
  • Primary, episodic, acute and chronic healthcare for patients of all ages
  • Emergency treatment and triage
  • Occupational care
  • Minor surgical procedures
  • Ambulances (BLS or ALS) & Medical transport
  • Field hospital and emergency room (ER)
  • Routine vaccinations
  • Dispensation of prescription medication, local law permitting
  • Travel consultation and vaccinations
  • Laboratory services
  • X-ray and radiological services
  • Specialty referrals, in-country and out-of-country
  • Medical evacuation
  • 24-hr treatment, stabilization and care
  • Immediate onsite medical treatment for injuries and minor illnesses
  • First-report injury and witness statement forms
  • Management of follow-up care and modified work duty programs
  • Return-to-work programs
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Employee safety and health training
  • Functional capacity exams
  • Hearing and basic vision testing
  • Pulmonary function testing
  • Worker’s compensation record keeping
  • Short and long-term disability management

Note: Should your needs change or grow, PMR Healthcare can include different core services or Supplemental Services for your PMR Onsite Clinic.