Mobile Clinics

Large-sized, multi-location, and rolling work sites often struggle to find a solution to their biggest healthcare issue: How do you care for employees who are far from the main office, from each other, and from traditional care? PMR Mobile Clinics are the answer.

PMR Healthcare is a leading domestic and international provider of Mobile Clinics , otherwise known as “medical clinics on wheels.” Mobile Clinics are usually in vehicles the size of an SUV, but may be as large as an RV or pull-trailer if that is what your project requires. A Mobile Clinic travels directly to your worksite to help stabilize and treat ill or injured employees.

Mobile Clinics provide a unique alternative to stationary, onsite medical clinics for all industries including: power line, pipeline, roadwork, mining operations, and large site project contractors. These clinics are great for a variety of worksites, including:

  • Large-size. For example, a solar or wind farm covering a large acreage.
  • Moving. For example, several short-term pipeline projects that are worked in succession.
  • Multiple projects. For example, multiple construction projects in close proximity to one another.
  • Rolling. For example, a road construction or transmission line project that travels.

Mobile Clinics reduce treatment delays caused by geography and prevent costly worker’s compensation claims and recordables, unnecessary lost time, costly off-site treatments, and disability. These clinics can operate independently or in conjunction with an established, stationary PMR Onsite Clinic used for treating more serious incidents. A stationary clinic can be the hub from which mobile clinics operate, driving out to individual worksites as needed.

If an employee requires outside care or hospitalization, PMR Healthcare can meet them at the doctor’s office or emergency room and continue to monitor and manage their case. PMR Healthcare works closely with the doctors your employee sees to ensure quality care and to recommend modified, light work duty so they do not have to miss work.

PMR Mobile Clinic services can include:

  • Specially trained medical staff
  • Treatment at the incident location
  • Transportation across difficult geography
  • Management and monitoring of cases treated elsewhere
  • Recommendations for modified work duty and physical therapy for injured employees
  • OSHA/MSHA record keeping
  • Primary and preventative healthcare, diagnostic capability and 24/7 emergency care
  • Emergency response planning and coordination
  • First report injury and witness statement forms.
  • Management of follow-up care and modified work duty programs
  • Equipment, drugs, and disposable medical supplies, all tailored to the environment
  • Site surveys and audits
  • Occupational health consulting and program development
  • Drug and alcohol test programs
  • Workers compensation record keeping.
  • Short and long-term disability management

Note: Should your needs change or grow, PMR Healthcare can include different core services or Supplemental Services for your PMR Onsite Clinic.