Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas Industries

When accidents happen, acting immediately is the only way to avoid worker’s compensation claims, increased recordables, higher insurance charges, and safety fines and violations. That’s why PMR Healthcare treats over 80% of injuries onsite!

We have experience working with oil and gas companies, from platforms in the middle of the sea to pipelines crossing the country. We’re familiar with the kinds of illnesses and injuries that can happen. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to serve you.

A PMR Onsite Clinic keeps your employees out of an offsite doctor’s office or emergency room because PMR Healthcare’s medical staff can treat more than 80% of injuries and illnesses onsite. Your company can choose to entrust us with the care of your employee’s spouses and dependents as well, saving you and your employees money while providing whole families with the highest quality of medical care available.

At a PMR Onsite Primary Care Clinic, your employees, along with their spouses and dependents, have access to a medical staff that dedicates their services to them. They enjoy patient visits that are actually long enough for the doctor to get to know them personally and determine the root cause of their problems. In addition, the clinic can provide common prescriptions and laboratory testing at no additional cost to the patient. If someone is unable to be treated at the clinic and needs to see an outside specialist, PMR acts as their advocate and continues to follow up and manage their care.

With a PMR Onsite Occupational Care Clinic, you rarely need to send your employees to an outside doctor or to the emergency room, eliminating the need to file a worker’s compensation claim.

This reduces lost work time and potential recordability, which in turn lowers your Experience Modification Rate (EMR). If an injured employee does require hospitalization or recuperation time, PMR will manage their care by working with the employee and medical professionals to create an appropriate plan for treatment and follow-up. The result? A timely return to work.

Because oil and gas platforms and pipelines are often far from emergency medical attention and hard to reach, we offer PMR Onsite Remote and Mobile Clinic can be located anywhere. In the past we have helped companies in the middle of the ocean, the rainforest, and the desert. We are proud to offer your work site all of the same services available in the city, keeping your employees healthy, safe, and productive wherever they are.

A PMR Onsite Mobile Clinic is ideal for moving, spread out, and large work sites. Our “moving clinics on wheels” range in size from an SUV to an RV, depending on your work force’s needs. They can work alone or out of an established, stationary PMR Onsite Clinic.

If you operate outside of the United States, you can still depend on PMR Healthcare to provide high-quality healthcare. A PMR Onsite International Clinic provides primary, urgent, acute, chronic, and occupational healthcare. With the ability to include lifesaving medical services anywhere in the world, you can keep your employees healthy, safe, and productive.

We tailor your PMR Onsite Clinic to meet the needs of the oil and gas industry. Services we provide may include the following:

  • Specially trained medical staff
  • Immediate onsite medical treatment for injuries and minor illnesses
  • First-report injury and witness statement forms
  • Management of follow-up care and modified work duty programs
  • Return-to-work programs
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Employee safety and health training
  • Functional capacity exams
  • Hearing and basic vision testing
  • Pulmonary function testing
  • Worker’s compensation record keeping
  • Short and long-term disability management
  • OSHA/MSHA record keeping
  • Onsite lab work
  • Onsite pharmacy and dispensary
  • Government controlled certifications and testing
  • Specialist care
  • Wellness Programs
  • Obesity Management
  • Mental Healthcare
  • Case Management

Note: Should your needs change or grow, PMR Healthcare can include different core services or Supplemental Services for your PMR Onsite Clinic.