Case Management

Case Management

PMR Healthcare’s Case Management services make sure your injured employees receive the right treatment, right away. If you want to close claims and reduce their cost faster, and reduce lost work time and OSHA recordables, then you’re in the right place.

Case management is more than managing claims and pushing paper. It is helping injured or ill patients to manage their medical treatment for the best health results possible. PMR Case Management offers you a stress-free solution to managing injured employees’ medical cases. PMR case managers at your PMR Onsite Clinic act as patient advocates. They work directly with the medical provider, employer, and injured employee to make sure that:

  • The treatment is appropriate and cost-effective
  • The company creates a modified work schedule
  • The employee understands the prescribed medical and rehabilitation plan, and follows return-to-work procedures
PMR Case Management helps reduce your total number of claims, as well as the cost and duration of any claims you currently have. This reduces lost work time and potential recordability, which in turn lowers your Experience Modification Rate (EMR) and its associated insurance costs.


PMR Case Management Services can do the following:

  • Create a care plan with goals and timeframes
  • Determine if treatment is appropriate and necessary for successful return to work
  • Use valid disability duration guidelines
  • Educate all parties about return-to-work programs
  • Obtain, maintain, and properly release patient information
  • Clearly identify case manager’s role to the employee at the start of the relationship
  • Communicate with medical service providers and caregivers
  • Promote and educate providers about non-recordable treatment options.