Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drug and Alchol Testing

Drugs and alcohol are deadly to work place safety and financial security. Keep your employees and company safe from harm or legal action by screening for drugs and alcohol.

Did you know that your company could be held responsible for the damages caused by an employee impaired by drugs or alcohol, potentially costing you millions of dollars? PMR Drug & Alcohol Screening offers a cost-effective solution with a wide range of services, including pre-employment screening, random testing, for-cause testing, and post-accident programs.

With a PMR Onsite Clinic, employees don’t have to drive to an offsite lab, wait, get tested, and then drive back. Instead, most employees are off the floor and back within 20 minutes.

Because PMR Healthcare conducts screenings more efficiently than most collection services, we save you money. We can administer your existing drug and alcohol-screening program or develop and implement a new one. In fact, many companies receive a discount from their insurance companies for implementing an employee drug and alcohol testing program.


PMR Healthcare’s Drug and Alcohol Testing services include:

  • 5 and 10-panel drug screens
  • Hair and saliva drug screens
  • DOT drug screens
  • Drug testing program development
  • Medical Review Officer services
  • Secure online results
  • Onsite and offsite collection
  • Breath alcohol screening
  • Blood alcohol screening
  • Saliva alcohol screening