Pharmacies & Dispensaries

Pharmacies and Dispensaries

Prescription medicines are expensive, driving up company healthcare costs and taking a toll on employees’ budgets. An onsite pharmacy or dispensary can change that!

PMR Onsite Pharmacies and Dispensaries allow companies to integrate prescription programs into their PMR Onsite Clinic… by bringing the prescription medications straight to your clinic. With a PMR Onsite Pharmacy, your employees do not have to make long commutes to the drug store after a doctor’s appointment because the doctor can hand them their medicine immediately.

PMR Healthcare uses onsite dispensing as well as mail order programs and encourages the use of equivalent generic drugs to save on overall healthcare costs for the company, its employees, and their families. The use of a PMR Pharmacy or Dispensary will also decrease lost work time and your company’s healthcare costs.

PMR Healthcare’s Onsite Pharmacy can includes services such as:

  • Onsite dispensation of patient medication
  • Increased use of equivalent generic drugs
  • Reduced use of outside pharmacies
  • Increased use of mail order programs
  • Large array of commonly prescribed medications
  • Medication list derived from actual patient utilization